União Química´s
Outsourcing Unit

With a large and modern industrial park, with 376 thousand m² of total area, and a built area of 58 thousand m², Anovis has a portfolio of over 700 presentations (SKUs), performed according to the demand of its main client, which exports to 13 countries in Latin America.


The plant focuses on the manufacture of oral solid drugs (tablets, coated tablets, pellets and capsules), oral liquids (solutions, suspensions and drops) and semisolids:

Icone Sólidos Orais

Oral solids: installed capacity of 2.7 billion

Icone Líquidos Orais

Oral liquids: installed capacity of 1000 tons

Icone Semi Sólidos

Semisolids: installed capacity of 400 tons

Anovis has 13 packaging lines, which are:

• 8 lines for solids;
• 2 lines for liquids;
• 3 lines for manual packaging.

The company has modern facilities and next generation technology:

Solids Plant | Equipment
• Fette | Accelacota | Aeromatic | Vector Collete | Bosch | Ottenschläger

Solids Packaging | Equipment
• BEC 300 | UPS 1060 | Blipack | Vertopack | Swiftpack | Marchesini

Liquids and Semisolids Plant | Equipment
• Olsa 2000 Reactor | Molto Mat 500




União Química


A 100% Brazilian company, with eight decades of operation, União Química is currently among the largest and most solid companies of its segment. Its industrial park, with four units comply with the national and international production standards with excellence.

Manufacture unit of Taboão da Serra – Anovis (SP)

Manufacture unit of Brasilia (DF)

Manufacture unit of Embu-Guaçu (SP)

Manufacture unit of Pouso Alegre (MG)

Brasília (Federal District)
Manufacture of non-sterile drugs: liquids, solids, semisolids, probiotics and soft capsules.

Pouso Alegre (State of Minas Gerais)
Manufacture of injectable drugs, eye drops, ampoules, vials, lyophilized products, prefilled syringes, hormones, antibiotics and cosmetics.

Embu-Guaçu (State of São Paulo)
Manufacture of products for the Animal Health division: injectable drugs, solids, semisolids, liquids and hormones.


With a total area of 600 thousand m², 123 thousand m² of built area, and with its operations structured based on three points: quality, next generation technology and continuous improvement, which enable União Química to compete on equal terms with major pharmaceutical laboratories established in the country.

Anovis - União Química´s Outsourcing Unit
Avenida Ibirama, 518 - Jardim Pirajussara - Taboão da Serra - SP
Phone: +55 (11) 4788 9900